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Here are ready-made products and custom work embroidered by Eyre Studio. You may also get inspiration for Your own custom order.


Gloves, tote bags, jewellery, scarves, brooches, belts

Personalised baby gifts. Blankets, comforters, bandana bibs 

Embroidery on homeware items

Embroidery on knitwear

Embroidery on dresses

Embroidery for kids. Shirts, hats

Logo embroidery made for companies

Embroidered products for men

Personalised towels, bathrobes, hats

Label embroidery for companies and individuals

Embroidered long, 3/4 and short sleeve shirts

Embroidered aprons

Custom-made embroidery on customer's clothes

Programmed embroidery designs for ordering

Embroidery for wedding

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